Digital caricatures with iPad Pro

Digital caricatures produced by one of the top digital caricaturist drawing on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Whether live drawing on the event you are hosting as wedding, private party, corporate function or ordered from photographs as a gift to a retiring colleague, birthday, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion. The digital caricatures nowadays are the most comprehensive and versatile option, as it does allows you to print or to transfer the high resolution digital image in a huge variety of sizes on a lot’s of different materials and surfaces. Also the colours are so vibrant and smooth. Finally you can print it as many times as you need.

Caricatures from photo as a gift

Caricatures from photos Videos

Drawing caricatures on iPad Pro is so popular those days. Whether it is at a party or from photos they looks amassing… the colours are so vibrant, smooth and the caricatures are in digital format which allows to be printed on a lot’s of different materials and surfaces… canvases, papers, cards, mugs, ext.

Simply send the photos by email (close face up as possible and clear images are most appreciated) and explain exactly what you wont.

Please let me know if you would like just the head and shoulders or head and small body or head, small body and a theme/hobby. Also what background would you prefer and how would you like to have it done in black and white or colour? Then I will draw a quick rough sketch and send you a picture of it to approve. After than you will receive the artwork shortly.