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Caricature artist On the Spot

Hire a caricature artist for whatever event you are planning – party, bat/bar mitzvah, dinner, wedding, ball, exhibition, promotion, conference, charity, or corporate function. You found the ultimate choice of entertainment, indeed.

The artist will draw the caricatures at the event you are hosting, either mingling or sitting at a convenient location. There are a few different choices regarding the technique and medium.

Nevertheless, traditional pen on paper caricatures are conducted in the usual manner, drawing with black chiselled or round marker pens, together with some grey tint or cool grey pens for the shading.

However, there is another option as digital caricatures. Drawing the caricatures on an iPad Pro, using an Apple Pencil is a versatile choice, as it allows the artwork to be sent to email as well as printed on the spot (4×6 inches) with a portable printer.

Book Ivo the Caricaturist who will be the perfect choice to consolidate the crowd and provide a welcoming and hilarious atmosphere to entertain your guests.

Caricature artist for the event you are planning

More Caricatures at events

Corporate caricaturist drawing at the event is a very common and successful sort of caricature entertainment for your guests.

Digital caricatures for the event you are planning

Hire a digital caricaturist to draw nice coloured digital caricatures for the event you are planning to ensure the fun of the party begins…

Bellow, you can see a drawing process on Dell Canvas digital caricatures. However, the drawing could be done on a more mobile platform, such as an iPad, using the Apple Pencil. Then the caricatures can be printed or just sent via email so people can have the original high-resolution file for the future.